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Pink Bride Bridal Show – Summer 2015

I had a lot of fun this past Sunday meeting with a couple hundred brides and their friends and family at the Pink Bride Bridal Show.  These are always fun for me because many of the brides are newly engaged, excited, and looking for inspiration and ideas.  This year I wanted to showcase some great food as well as put together some inspiring decor for everyone to see.

So much of what we have been doing lately has had a rustic, Southern feel to it.  Armed with crates, old bottles, mason jars, wooden slabs, etc., we’ve been a part of many beautiful rustic  or shabby chic receptions.  So naturally, because this trend is not going away anytime soon, I had to bring this look to the show.  However, I have talked to a lot of brides lately that are pushing back from this trend and wanting something more refined, elegant, and contemporary.  The result of this push back in the other direction by a good number of brides led me to want to showcase this look as well….so I decided to do half and half.

The Flowers

I had a lot of great partners that helped me put together these two looks and I am so grateful for their assistance and willingness to collaborate on this idea.  First I’d like to thank Paula Payton with Payton Perfect Designs.  I always know I can trust her creativity and sense of design when we work together.  She has an amazing eye and brings fantastic ideas and incredible results in our collaborations.   Here are a couple of the details:

I wanted to set up a table with a planter box in the middle housing two different looks…a rustic look and a modern look…but I wanted to keep a similar color scheme (primarily light pink or blush) throughout both sides.  For the rustic flowers, Paula added pods and really cool textured plants.  On the modern side she softened the look with fluffy hydrangeas and peonies.  She even adorned the place settings with pods and curly willow on the rustic side and a single small pink rose of the modern side.  To add a little whimsy to the backdrop of our modern side, she attached those same roses here and there to the curly willow branches that lined the back.  I also loved the roses and sparkly brooches she put on the backs of the chairs.

The Rentals

I couldn’t have put all of this together without the help of some great rental companies.  I remember walking into Mahaffey Tent and Party Rental‘s showroom, seeing this beautiful grey wood dance floor and thinking, “I’ve got to have this in the show.”  Susan Lee with Mahaffey provided the ebony oak dance floor, white and mahogany chivari chairs, the farm table, the whiskey barrel, the white pipe and drape for the backdrop, the lucite bar height table, and the hammered silverware on the modern side.

Elegant Chair Solutions provided the blush satin sashes that adorned the backs of the chairs, the satin blush napkins, the silver pintuck linen, the white beaded plate chargers, antique the antique plate chargers.  When I went there to pick everything out, Tammy was so helpful in letting me pull the different linens down to see how everything would work together, giving me her insight and expertise along the way.

The copper rustic silverware came from Classic Party Rentals.

The Food

To stay true to our Southern chic look, we had to serve our popular Shrimp and Grits.  These were served in tiny brown paper boats with wooded forks and were a big hit.  I used our wrought iron chafing dishes and decorative crates, baskets, and bottles to set up a mini station on a homemade plank tabletop which sat about bar height on an old whiskey barrel.

One thing I should have done was had people vote on which side they liked best.  It seemed to me, however, as I heard people commenting on the display, that about half were drawn to the rustic side and the other half were drawn to the modern side which I think is great…we do weddings in any style.

– Ryan Draper – Operations Manager

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