There are many ways to go about creating the PERFECT menu for your wedding reception.  You may want to use one of our packages listed below…OR…you may want to build your menu from scratch.  Either way, we are happy to help you plan the day you’ve always dreamed of.  Check out your options below:

Wedding Reception Packages

Each of our packages has been designed to provide you with most of the essentials for a typical wedding reception.  They may include not only the delicious food but the linens, cakes, flowers, plates, flatware, and service staff.  Each package below lists the specific items included in that package.  Please keep in mind that if there is something included that you don’t need, we can always substitute more food or remove the item and its cost from the package completely.

Southern Hors d’Oeuvres Package
Hors d’Oeuvres Buffet Package
Dinner Packages
Grand Reception Package
Dream Come True Package

Wedding Reception Menus

If you decide to build your menu from scratch, these menus will be a great place to start.  Keep in mind that menu prices are for the food only and that plates, service staff, linens, and many other items are available, but at an additional charge.