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Continental (25 person minimum)

Light Continental  $6.99 per person

Includes Mini Pastries, Muffins, Bagels, Cut Fruit, Juice, & Coffee

Full Continental  $8.99 per person
Includes Mini Pastries, Muffins, Choice of Breakfast Sandwich, Cut Fruit, Juice, & Coffee

Full Meals (25 person minimum)

French Toast $9.99 per person
Served with sausage patties, cut fruit bowl, juice, coffee or tea

Scrambled Eggs Meal $9.99 per person
Served with bacon, sausage, or ham, hash browns, biscuits, gravy, juice, coffee or tea

Deluxe Scrambled Eggs $12.99 per person
Served with bacon and sausage, fresh cut fruit, hash browns, biscuits, gravy, juice, coffee or tea

Quiche (ham, bacon, spinach OR three cheese) $9.99
Served with mini muffins, strawberries, melons, juice, coffee or tea

Oatmeal and Assorted Cold Cereals with Milk $9.49 per person
Served with mini pastries, bananas, juice, coffee or tea

Breakfast Sausage Casserole $9.99 per person
Served with mini muffins, baked apple slices, juice, coffee or tea

Omelet Station  $13.99 per person plus $25 per hour chef fee
Made to order omelets with cheese, bacon, sausage, peppers, onions, olives, & tomatoes.  Served with hash browns, biscuits, country gravy, cut fruit, juice, & coffee.


A La Carte Items & Side Orders (25 servings minimum)

Hot Selections

Scrambled Eggs $3.99 per person
French Toast $3.99 per person
Quiche $3.99 per person
Breakfast Sausage Casserole $4.99 per person
Western Omelet Casserole $4.99 per person
Sausage Biscuit (full size) $2.99 each
Sausage Biscuit (small) $1.99 each
Ham & Cheddar Biscuit (full size) $2.99 each
Ham & Cheddar Biscuit (small) $1.99 each
Ham & Cheddar Croissant (half size) $2.99 each
Ham & Cheddar Croissant (mini) $1.99 each
Open Faced Breakfast Sandwich (Ham , Bacon, or Sausage) with Egg $3.99
Bacon Slices  
$1.49 per person (2 slices)
Sausage Patties  $1.99 per person (2 patties)

Continental Items

Pastries (full size) $2.49 each
Pastries (mini)
 $ .99 each 
Muffins (full size)
 $2.49 each 
Muffins (mini) 
$ 1.49 for two 
Bagels (full size)
 $2.49 each
(Served with cream cheese, jelly & butter)
 (mini) $ .99 each 
(Served with cream cheese, jelly & butter)

 $1.99 each 
Cinnamon Rolls
 $2.99 each
Whole Fresh Fruit
 $1.99 per person 
Cut Fresh Fruit
 $2.49 per person 
Fresh Fruit Tray
 (serves 10-15) $49.99 per tray (See others listed under “Party Trays“)


Juice $1.75 each
(10 oz. – choose from orange, apple, orange pineapple, grape)

 $ 1.49 per person 
(Regular or decaf – 20 person minimum, complete with cream and sweeteners) 

 $ 1.99 per person 
(special order only) 

Iced Tea
 $ 9.99 per gallon 
(Regular or Sweetened – serves 10, complete with lemon & sweeteners) 

 $ 9.99 per gallon
(Serves 10)
Hot Tea
 $1.99 per person 
(assorted flavors and herbal teas available – please ask -10 person minimum) 

Hot Chocolat
e $2.49per person 
Bottled Water
 $ 1.50 each
Soft Drinks $ 1.50 each 
(Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Dr. Pepper) 

 $1.50 per person 
(for special occasions – 25 person minimum) 

Hot Spiced Cider
 $1.50 per person 
(25 person minimum) 

Spiced Tea
 $1.50 per person
(25 person minimum)


Choose Your Service Level

Level 1- Drop Off Only – No additional charge
We will drop off your food in aluminum pans and provide you with black foam plates and utensils. No chafing dishes are included.
* Add $8 if you need clear disposable tongs, serving spoons, and a disposable table cover.

Level 2- Drop Off/ Set Up/ Equipment – Add 18% Service Charge plus equipment pick up fee
We will leave our chafing dishes for you to use and will return following the event to clean up and pick up equipment. Black foam plates and utensils as well as all necessary serving utensils and disposable table covers are included.

Level 3- Full Service – Add 18% Service Charge plus $25 per hour per server (minimum 2 hours)
Not only will we set up but we will leave a server to replenish the buffet, clear plates, and clean up. Black foam plates and utensils are also included. We will also provide serving utensils and disposable table covers.

Looking to impress your guests even more? Check out the possible upgrades below:

  • Clear Plastic Plates & Utensils – $1 per person
  • China Plates & Glassware – Starting at $3.50 per person (Only available with Level 3 Service)
  • Linen Tablecloth Rental – Starting at $12 each
  • Guest Table Centerpiece Rental (Candles) – from $10
  • Guest Table Centerpieces (Floral) – from $35 each
  • Floral Centerpiece – from $75

All orders subject to a delivery charge depending on location.
All breakfasts are subject to an 18% service charge.

Featured Image by:  Peddhapati